Khwaabon Ki Jeet Lyrics

Khwaabon Ki Jeet Lyrics – PUBG MOBILE Pakistan

Watch Khwaabon Ki Jeet Lyrics an amazing brand new song from PUBG MOBILE Pakistan. Written & Performed by Young Stunners x Hasan Raheem.

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Song TitleKhwaabon Ki Jeet Lyrics
Written & Performed byYoung Stunners x Hasan Raheem
LabelPUBG MOBILE Pakistan
Release date27-Jan-2022

Khwaabon Ki Jeet Lyrics

[Verse 01: Talhah Yunus]

Pull up on you with an Ak-47
Put a bullet in your head
Always lethal with the damage

Squad mera savage hard mera weapon
Khaak hongy handle khwaab mere heavy
Raaste ye ehem shouk bana bana khel

Ab yakeen yahi manzil hai qareeb
To logo ki ye umeed bari khwaabon ki jeet
Lagi zindagi ajeeb bari bane rahe deet

Aj bhee meri feel wohi killer on a loose
I know when to shot venom on the booth
Coming with the truth everybody move

Haaray gay nhi kabhi ye kala meri gawah rahe
Sath puri team khari kareygi confuse
Trigger daba de ye sare nishane pay

Raahein banate hai apno se waday hai
Waqif hain chalon se dil ko behlane day
Started from bottom hum aye yaha talent pay
Hath bandh

Khwaabon ki jeet x2

[Verse 02: Talha Anjum]

Khwaabon ki jeet cant beat the hustle
I got the skills and the squad and a muscle
Aow karo tasal hum mein phasou

Tumhe masal deingay
Text se tujh technical aqal deingy
Isi flow mein you cant run with us

Fan star when we carry big guns with us
Catch you off guard with a vss
Campus mein betha flight blank karun reasses

Ab kon dega mujhe hard time
Semi automatic uzi jese mere rhymes
Apne liye rahein ye khud banayi

Ye hai mera passion i dont waste my time
12 age team on a rampage
Young like a stunner chotay competition kon day

Any given day i can fight you on a monday
Le a jitne banday you know we won this show

Khwaabon ki jeet x2

[Verse 03: Hasan Raheem]

Khwaabon ki jeet hai ye
Apne naseeb aise
Kis raste jarahe

Uspe manzil qareeb hai ye
Ham na rukengay agay
Mushkil barley aar paar

Milkr chalengay har gali ke ye naaray
Food improve your thoughts get it
Cant topless we want them slow

Khwaabon ki jeet

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